Plant selection and placement play a vital role in designing a landscape. We will work with you to select the plant material for your landscape. Our staff attends multiple trade shows and visits growers for input on plant performance based on weather patterns, insect and disease resistance and keep up with the new plant material coming out.

Trees & Shrubs

The benefits of trees and shrubs are endless. Most often we plant trees and shrubs to provide shade and to beautify your landscape. Flowering trees, shade trees, evergreens and deciduous shrubs not only add beauty to your landscape, they add value to your property as well. Seasonally, trees and shrubs give us beautiful spring blooms, lush green foliage in summer and colorful displays in fall. Well placed trees and shrubs can reduce energy consumption during the hot summer months.


Perennials can provide many benefits to your landscaping. Since they grow back each year, perennials only need to be planted once. Most perennials are relatively low maintenance. They can be used as border plants, specimen plants or in groups within your landscape beds. Perennials come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and textures. With proper selection, they can provide your landscape with interest all season long.